About us

What We Do

  • Perform policy research on a wide range of policy areas: from the economy and finance to better regulations, the digital economy and trade, innovation and entrepreneurship, energy and climate, among other areas
  • Facilitate preeminent thought leaders from across the globe and from the public and private sectors to speak on complex and contemporary issues
  • Creating consensus and actions for required policy and market solutions by convening the policy makers, practitioners, industry players, and other stakeholders.
  • Facilitate public-private dialogue on necessary policy actions for stimulating economic growth and solutions.
  • We act as trusted, expert advisers to policy-makers and investors. Provide advisory to market and  keen investors in Bangladesh markets and specific sectors, and bring together enterprises interested in data, venture formation and growth
  • Policy Exchange holds regular dialogue on important economic and business issues through targeted round tables, talks platforms, seminars, and conclaves.
  • We are communicators and convenors from our expert commentary to high-profile public and closed-door events, in-depth research reports to top-level media interviews.

Our Work /Approach

  • work together with recognized scholars ,leading policymakers, and industry leaders and analysts for producing research, advocacy, and dialogue outcomes reflecting innovation and influential policy and strategy debate.
  • study and generate public policy ideas in Bangladesh and other developing and emerging countries
  • Creating awareness and ownership through dissemination work to a national audience of policy-makers, opinion formers and the wider public through briefings, printed and digital publications, infographics and multimedia platforms
  • Market-oriented, pragmatic, evidence-based role and voice to fill  gaps in the national landscape by bringing to the fore bold, well-informed alternative approaches to strategies for achieving inclusive economic growth and transformation