About Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange of Bangladesh is a private, independent, non-partisan think tank dedicated to developing ideas, evidence, and formulating policy solutions on the economic development challenges facing Bangladesh.

About Policy Exchange of Bangladesh

What We Do


Perform policy research on a wide range of policy areas

Global Leaders

Facilitate preeminent thought leaders from across the globe

Most Trusted

We act as trusted, expert advisers to policy-makers and investors

Most Updated

Policy Exchange holds regular dialogue on important economic and business issues

Policy Actions

Facilitate public-private dialogue on necessary policy actions for stimulating economic growth and solutions.

Consensus and Actions

Creating consensus and actions for required policy and market solutions.


We are communicators and convenors from our expert commentary to high-profile public and closed-door events


Our mission is to help Bangladesh and other developing countries to achieve economic growth through public policy reform and the creation of markets that help generate growth, employment, and income.
Policy Exchange seeks to address challenges, develop solutions, and stimulate changes through research/analytical work,  and partnership. We are committed to generate and disseminate knowledge, policy, and strategy solutions that benefit policymakers, the private sector, and stakeholders in economic development.

Why Policy Exchange of Bangladesh

Why Work with Us

We are the premier platform in Bangladesh bringing together rigorous applied policy orientation and pragmatic, market-oriented policy and strategy solutions which help Bangladesh and other developing countries tackle major economic and market challenges.

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